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Empower Your Customers & Elevate Your Brand

The Next-Generation
Customer Portal for MSPs

A vendor-agnostic IT service portal that unlocks the true value of your Customer relationships by elevating your Customer experience, streamlining operations, and gaining a competitive edge.

Admix MSP Portal - Dashboard screenshot example
Admix MSP portal - widget placeholder for dashboard
Admix MSP Portal - Mobile dashboard screenshot example

How It Works

Meet Admix Portal, a single pane of glass for disparate MSP solutions

Unmatched Features & Design for Managed Service Providers

IT Glue
Admix Portal Icon
ConnectWise PSA
Admix MSP portal transient data storage

Minimal transient data storage with API-centric operations

Admix MSP portal offers vendor agnostic flexible APIs

Flexible multi-vendor integration agnostic of providers

Admix MSP portal security & encryption

Tier 3 datacenters with zero-trust for network & applications

Unify your client experience and streamline your MSP operations with a single, intuitive portal.



Reduce the gap in service awareness

Easy Setup
Fast and Easy

Set it up in minutes and you're good to go. No hassle or code required. 

Fast and EasySetup
Seamless API integration
Seamless Integration

Connect seamlessly with your stack of tools & offerings to create a comprehensive view of your Customers' IT landscape.

Empower Customers
Empower Customers

Grant clients role-based self-service access – fostering independence and reducing operational burden.

Modern Design

Delight your Customers with a beautiful and brandable user-friendly interface that's a joy to navigate and use. Say goodbye to clunky portals and "Hello!" to a sleek, modern experience.

Fast and EasySetup

Attract and retain clients who demand exceptional digital experiences. Be the MSP that offers an intuitive account portal and improve engagement, increase efficiency, and brand identity.

secure lock
Secure and Scalable

Built with enterprise-grade security and scalability to protect your data and support your growth by storing only essential information for temporary processing data. 

Secure and
Hyperactive Development

New integrations are actively being developed and released based on the demand from the community, requirements and availability of requested features.  

Hyperactive Development
Built for

We know the pain and the struggle to cultivate and maintain relationships in this industry, as well as the gap in information and transparency between disparate systems.

Built for


Fully featured to showcase your full potential

Synchronization concept icon

Real-time data from PSA, RMM, and other integrated apps via API

White label icon

Stand out with a white label  portal with your MSP's brand and theme

.com domain

Use your custom domain name for personalization and brand consistency

mobile phone icon

Anywhere access with a PWA mobile app with MSP's brand and theme

money icon

Close deals faster and accept payments for open invoices and opportunities


Stay informed with activity log to audit portal logins and various user activity

Icon of stacked items

Integrate your entire MSP stack into a single simple-to-use dashboard 


Easily train and test your End Users' portal access with end user impersonation


Automated import and mapping of Companies, End Users and devices

Effortless setup, seamless integration, frictionless visibility and endless possibilities.

Admix Portal revolutionizes the Managed Service Provider experience by offering a cohesive, branded platform that seamlessly integrates disparate solutions.

Unlike traditional setups where MSPs rely on multiple portals with varying logins and styles, Admix Portal centralizes access for Customers. This centralization not only simplifies user experience but also ensures consistent branding across all services.

Regardless of the vendors behind the scenes, MSPs can maintain a strong, unified image, presenting a professional and cohesive face to their customers.

Why Admix Portal


The latest from clics

From Our Clients

A Happy MSP

"Finally, our Customers can help themselves."

"The Admix Portal immediately reduced support burden on our team and allowed us to have meaningful conversations with our Clients."

A happy MSP customer

Ian N.

Technical Lead

QWERTY Concepts

Join Admix Portal MSP Beta

Experience the next generation
MSP Customer Portal

Join Beta

Thank you for joining. Beta Candidates must meet certain criteria for the beta program as we approach public launch. We will review the information you submitted and will let you know by email once your invite is ready. We hope to connect soon!

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