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New Feature: Stripe Integration

Welcome to an exciting new chapter in the Admix Portal Beta journey! We're thrilled to unveil our latest addition: the seamless integration of Stripe, revolutionizing how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) handle customer payments by using our platform. This powerful enhancement empowers MSPs to streamline their billing processes while providing a convenient, secure, and user-friendly experience for their customers.

With the introduction of the Stripe integration, Admix Portal Beta takes a significant leap forward in facilitating effortless payment collection and billing management. MSPs can now leverage the robust capabilities of Stripe to effortlessly collect payments for open invoices directly from their customers. Moreover, our innovative billing dashboard empowers customers to conveniently update their billing information and manage their saved payment methods, all from a single, centralized platform.

At Admix Portal, security is paramount. Rest assured, sensitive data remains safeguarded as no payment or billing information is stored within our system. Instead, all transactions are securely processed by Stripe, a trusted leader in online payment processing.

The integration process is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. MSPs can easily configure the Stripe integration within the Admix Portal app by simply inputting the public and private keys obtained from the Stripe dashboard.

Once integrated, MSPs have the flexibility to customize the level of integration and tailor settings to suit the unique needs of their customers, all from the intuitive App configuration page.

Enhancing the customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. With the Stripe integration seamlessly woven into the fabric of Admix Portal Beta, customers gain access to enhanced functionality that simplifies the payment process.

Now, with just a few clicks, customers can effortlessly settle open invoices directly from the invoices page, thanks to the addition of a convenient payment collection button.

In summary, the integration of Stripe into ADMIX Portal Beta represents a significant milestone in our journey to empower MSPs and their customers with cutting-edge tools and features. From streamlined payment collection to enhanced billing management, this integration underscores our commitment to delivering value-driven solutions that drive efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction.

Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter in the ADMIX Portal Beta story. Together, we're shaping the future of MSP services, one innovation at a time.


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